Bruce Weber / Those Halcyon Days

" I am part of the Naomi club and always have been" by Bruce Weber
"Azzedine Alaïa asked me to film and photograph his collection in 1989. At that time, I wanted to do a film dedicated to Diana Vreeland. She was one of the first magazine editors to use Black women in fashion photographs. Naomi Campbell and Veronica Webb were just kids then. They acted so free and so beautiful, and they had SUCH attitude. This photograph of Naomi was taken backstage at Azzedine’s show.
The same year, Naomi and I went down to Atlantic City together for a Vogue sitting with Mike Tyson—who was at the height of his fame at the time—and his promoter, Don King. We had lots of pictures to do, and Naomi and Mike were kind of arguing. Don stepped in to help me smooth it over. Years later, when he signed a copy of his autobiography to me, Don included the inscription “Don’t believe everything you read.” And I’ve always thought that could apply to Naomi and all the stories that have swirled around her over the years. To anyone who asks, I always say the same thing: “Naomi’s a really good person.” I’ve seen her in so many amazing situations and am constantly reminded how hard she had to work to accomplish all she has. Even more impressive to me are the charities and causes she has become involved with while maintaining such a big career. I’m part of the Naomi fan club and always have been."
Bruce Weber
21 February 2023
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