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"Sweet memories of Drew Barrymore" by Bruce Weber
"I took this photograph of Drew Barrymore at our house in Bellport on Long Island in 1992 for Interview Magazine.
From the very beginning, Nan and I adored her spirit. Drew was a real wild child in those days, but so charming and loving.
I had that wonderful feeling like I couldn't take enough pictures of her. She fell in love with one of our dogs, Rain, so I took a crazy picture of her with Jamie Walters and Rain, flopped out on the picnic table with all the food and everything all around them.
It was a unique time in my career photographing young actors like Drew-so many of them had an openness and freedom that is hard to imagine now, when everyone's public persona is so carefully crafted.
I have an enduring fondness for Drew-I catch her TV show sometimes in the morning and have a laugh, thinking, "Oh my God, she's still at it." Drew has that spirit of a kid, even after a lifetime in the public eye. I admire her for that-I can't imagine anyone young at heart in Hollywood not wanting to be like her.
This photo is also a reminder of my assistants' patience-that's Lance Acord on the right holding my Pentax. After working with me, he went on to become an accomplished cinematographer. Our Bellport house had this really tiny hallway-we were all crammed in there together with the equipment and cigarette smoke. Not the easiest conditions to do a light meter reading.
But I like how it feels like we're at an entrance to a downtown nightclub, even though it's a little house in a country town.I hope that when actors see work we did together at the beginning of their careers it puts a smile on their face. It certainly has that effect on me."
Bruce Weber
15 September 2022
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