Sarah Moon

International Photography Hall of Fame / Upcoming Exhibition
We are delighted to announce that Sarah Moon has been inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame. The program is dedicated to those who have made great contributions to the field of photography and preserves historic photographs and cameras to share with the world.

Born in France in 1941, Sarah Moon is one of the most celebrated names in contemporary photography. Moon was a successful fashion model in the 1960s and started her self-taught photographic career in 1970. Ever since, she creates and develops a very personal universe, around three main themes : the evanescence of beauty, the uncertain, and the passing of time.


Ethereal, elegant and mysterious, Moon's photographs are almost abstract in their painterly qualities. They trigger the memory of the viewer because they echo subliminal halos, like fantasy postcards or souvenirs from another dimension. 


Moon has published many seminal books, among them: Coincidences, Circus, Le fil rouge, “1,2,3,4,5” (Prix Nadar, 2008), PasséPrésent (2020) and Dior by Sarah Moon (2022).


Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums all around the world. Moon’s largest retrospective “PastPresent” was presented at The Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris in 2021.


Upcoming Exhibition : Sarah Moon  : 14 January - 21 April 2023.

15 November 2022
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