Meeting with Txema Yeste and Pancho Saula @ Foto Colectania

Fundación Foto Colectania, 25 April 2022


We begin a new cycle of activities, called "Encuentros ColeccionArt" in which Foto Colectania Partners will be the protagonists. In a very close and participative atmosphere, they will talk about their projects linked to the world of art and photography, share their collections and their vision of the medium.


In this first meeting we will have the participation of Txema Yeste, a great reference of international fashion photography and Pancho Saula, representative of photographers, promoter of the project Galeria Alta, collector and photographer.


Exclusive activity for Foto Colectania members and their companions. If you think this activity may be of interest to some of your contacts, we encourage you to invite them to join you and share the experience.



Txema Yeste

He began his career as a reporter after completing his photographic studies in Barcelona and Birmingham. His stunning images are a combination of cutting-edge technology, a sophisticated imaginary world and a perfectionist eye. Txema regularly publishes in some of the most influential fashion magazines: Numéro France, Numéro China, Vogue Italy, Vogue Russia, Vogue Spain, Vanity Fair France and Harper's Bazaar USA. Brands such as Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Lancôme and Viktor & Rolf choose Txema for his outstanding advertising campaigns. At the same time, Txema works on several personal projects.


Pancho Saula

A lawyer in Spain and France, Pancho works professionally as an artist's agent and art dealer. Recently, in June 2021, he has undertaken a new project: Galeria Alta, a gallery specialized in fine art photography, located in Andorra.





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