Sarah Moon
Sarah Moon, 2011

Publisher: Delpire

Pages: 486
Text by Dominique Eddé, Alain Fleischer, Sarah Moon.

More than a simple retrospective of Sarah Moon’s work, the five volumes in this boxed set – which includes both personal work and advertising images and both black-and-white and color photography, as well as her cinematographic work – provides an overview of the career of a woman who has become a major photographer. From her earliest beginnings, when she developed a style that was in tune with her times, to achieving a singular form of expression, a unique and immediately recognizable gaze.
‘Voilà, I have a new project, a backwards-looking project for the future: it’s a book that should be like a film, with a beginning and an end, sequences rather than chapters, with ellipses and flashbacks…’ Sarah Moon
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